An English opinion about Ireland being as valid as an Irish one is Warped Equality and Disrespectful.

Gemma Tipton raises some valid points in this article. The greatest of which probably comes down to: “The key question about

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EPISODE 12 – BaldPolitiKs – 23 August 2017 (Peter Jukes – Untold)

John Steinbeck – “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts…perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” Welcome to the BaldPolitiKs,

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EPISODE 11 – BaldPolitiKs – 26 April 2017 (Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos (Politics First)

[youtube] George Orwell – “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” Welcome to the BaldPolitiKs, where we take an

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