Mainstream Media Silence on Aaron Cantú and Alexei Wood

Alexei Wood being arrested (Photo Credit: Lex Shoots)

Two US Journalists are facing over 70 years in prison following their coverage of rioting on Trump’s inauguration day. Media watchdog organisation reports that the US mainstream media has been almost totally silent about it despite previous ramblings of how Trump would lead “Dangerous Attacks on the Press”.

Journalist Aaron Cantú and Photojournalist Alexei Wood are the two in question and were arrested with six other journalists and over 200 protestors. They are charged with the Riot Act, Conspiracy, Incitement, and five property destruction charges. When BaldPolitiKs asked Wood how he would plead he replied “Not-fuckin-guilty” and that the arrests are a part of the state wanting to crush “organized opposition especially resistance with teeth”. In April further charges were added to over 200 people, including Cantú, by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

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