EPISODE 13 – BaldPolitiKs – 7 September 2017 (Derek Ford – Hampton Institute & North Korea – DPRK)


Michael Moore “North Korea has taught a great lesson to all the countries in the world, especially the rogue countries of dictatorships or whatever: if you don’t want to be invaded by America, get some nuclear weapons.”

On August 1, Rex Tillerson announced that beginning in one month the U.S. government would be banning its citizens from traveling to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea). A few days later, Derek Ford of the Hampton Institute boarded an Air Koryo plane and landed in North Korea for a fact-finding and peace delegation. There were a total of five of them, all traveling on U.S. passports. They didn’t buy that the Trump administration was acting in the best interests of the US, let alone acting in the name of peace and justice. Indeed, as soon as they landed they noticed that the hegemonic U.S. narrative about the country began to crumble. Even though Derek had previously been highly critical of the presentation of the country he had been exposed to, he couldn’t quite anticipate just how different the reality actually is. And it wasn’t only life in the country that was radically different, but also his experience as U.S. citizen traveling there. I interview Derek in this episode of BaldPolitiKs to find out more. But before we get to that let’s have a look at some significant happenings on this day the 7 September.

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