An English opinion about Ireland being as valid as an Irish one is Warped Equality and Disrespectful.

Gemma Tipton raises some valid points in this article. The greatest of which probably comes down to:

“The key question about the validity of different perspectives is more to do with intent and imbalances of power, and it’s usually pretty clear when something is intended to demean, diminish and oppress. It’s also clear when the aim is to silence, damage or control”

This goes for all sides. So when an English/British/White person comments on what the English/British/White people did to the Irish/Black people/Vietnamese, is their intention to demean or are they really airing an equal opinion? If their intention is to demean then it is of course invalid. However, even where the intention is to speak out or to finally contribute something constructive then that opinion is merely valid and nothing more. It is not equal to the voice of the oppressed. Did you really expect equality and admiration for having inflicted so much damage and now, faced with the inevitable, you say ‘ehm…so terribly sorry about all that…her’s a few pound for you…now F..Off”. Are you serious?

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