Irish Times Reinforcing the Status Quo – A United Ireland is not possible: not even Post Brexit

Easter Proclamation (Photo Credit: Irish Army)

‘Put your money in bricks and mortar’ sure it’s ‘as safe as houses’ and ‘it could happen to a bishop’. Apparent truths that no longer form part of our narrative. Repeated ad nauseam, as these ‘truths’ were, people believed them and they became part of the collective discourse. That is until we discovered their brittle foundations and the real truth emerged.

Similarly in Irish politics, we have another list of ‘truths’:

  1. ‘A United Ireland (UI) is not possible’
  2. ‘Northerners and southerners are just too different’
  3. ‘It’s another country’
  4. ‘The loyalists will go mad’ Read More
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