STORY FIVE – 10 Year Old Syrian Child Leads The Way For His Deaf Parents 

The Al-Chami family – A Deaf Syrian Refugee family trying to make their way in Lebanon

Abdulhay Al-Chami Family 1

Abdel Aziz Al-Chami from Aleppo is the man of the Al-Chami household. He works, educates himself, manages all family affairs and handles all family communication. This sounds quite normal until you learn he does not do this by choice and Abdel Aziz is just 10 years old.

Both Abdel Aziz’s parents, father Abdulhay and mother Haddad, are deaf and dumb and have been so all their lives. They are both very loving parents but their disability means young Abdel Aziz has had to grow up fast. They communicate with Abdel Aziz through sign language, which he remarkably picked up by just watching them communicate with each other.

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